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TripSmarter.Com is way more than a city guide! It's an award-winning visitor information resource for travelers to the Southeast United States. TripSmarter.Com offers 24/7 access to people planning, and thinking about planning, their trips to our markets. Gaining access to these potential customers while they’re in a very impressionable state and actually searching for this information is widely understood to be a very effective use of marketing dollars. Advertising opportunities on and Tourist Network television stations have a similar thread as to why they work: The people viewing the site and/or viewing the stations actually WANT to see the information they’re being presented with.

TripSmarter.Com offers display advertising (banner ads), video advertising (pre-rolls and more), directory advertising, newsletter advertsing and custom sponsorships. All advertisers are provided access to full reporting and statistics for their campaigns.

Why TripSmarter.Com?

Premium Content

TripSmarter.Com provides premium content to its visitors. Premium content ranges from professionally produced Destination Network videos and live streaming web cams, to professionally written articles and up-to-date business listings. Visitors can also find an updated special events calendar, a massive photo gallery, a monthly newsletter, history & culture, travel advice and much more.

Quality Traffic

Averaging 128,633 monthly visits with 95,315 monthly uniques and 262,504 monthly pageviews, TripSmarter.Com is positioned to deliver eager and relevant eyeballs to your advertising message. Approximately 80% of our traffic is composed of visitors from organic search results, direct traffic and non-paid links. 20% of our traffic is attributable to paid placement advertising. (Data accurate as of March 31, 2015, Google Analytics)

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

TripSmarter.Com’s visitor composition skews heavily toward travelers planning their trip to the markets we feature. Advertising to these visitors while they’re planning their trip online has been proven as an effective way for businesses to make an impression on potential customers. TripSmarter.Com also has a loyal local base in all our markets. Advertising can be channeled by market (city) and by content type (professionally produced vs. social media)

Reputable Publisher

For almost a decade, TripSmarter.Com has been as a leading travel website for Southeast destinations such as Atlanta, Key West, Panama City Beach, New Orleans and more. During that time, we’ve implemented many changes and upgrades. With informative and entertaining content as a centerpiece, we have created a quality platform for advertisers and visitors to connect with each other in a comfortable environment. We have served thousands of satisfied clients over the years; many times delivering results that would gratify even the most frugal advertiser. Our clients range from national-level advertisers to the owners of quaint businesses in our favorite travel destinations.

Sticky Social Media

TripSmarter.Com also has a well-established online community. Long before “web 2.0” and “social media” were buzzwords, TripSmarter.Com had already developed a strong and active community in our Travel Forums. Registered members are able to post in the forums, submit business reviews, upload & comment on photos or videos, establish member groups and friends, and even submit their own event articles for approval and publishing. This great amount of interactivity brings loyal users back again and again… and also provides the type of user-generated content that online visitors have come to expect and enjoy from travel websites.

IAB-Standard Ad Units

TripSmarter.Com uses only ad units approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the foremost authority in online advertising. We adhere to IAB’s strict guidelines and regulations in display advertising, video advertising and email advertising. By following the IAB standards, TripSmarter.Com provides its visitors with a quality advertising experience… and ensures our advertisers their dollars are being spent on proven and standardized ad formats and placement. This also provides our clients the luxury of consistency, as many of the best websites adhere to IAB standards, which means the ad creative used on TripSmarter.Com can be used on many websites throughout the Internet.

Full Reporting & Statistics

TripSmarter.Com provides full reporting on all paid advertising. Updated daily, our advertising statistics show clients how their campaigns are performing and allow them to make modifications when needed. Advertisers can see an actual ROI for the campaigns by viewing impression totals, click-through rates, uniques and more. All reports follow IAB guidelines for online advertising analytics and reporting.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about TripSmarter.Com or the products and services we offer, please contact your Destination Network Account Executive, complete our contact form or email us at We can also be reached by phone at 850-235-4176x134.

About Us
The Destination Network is a visitor information network serving resort and cultural markets throughout the southeast. Broadcasting award-winning editorial features, hourly good news updates, and 100% hyper-local content in High Definition across multiple platforms.
Production capabilities and a reputation for quality work are the reasons The Destination Network has been chosen to produce the advertisements for so many clients. When these extended length "Advertorials" air within our targeted programming, the results are staggering.
Destination Network takes traditional and new media and turn them on their heads with innovative campaigns including video, television, web, digital, HD, print and much more! The Destination Network is unique - no other television network reaches the audience we do as effectively as we do.