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Video Production
Production capabilities and a reputation for quality work are the reasons The Destination Network has been chosen to produce the advertisements and marketing tools for so many notable clients. When these very effective, extended length "Advertorials" air within The Destination Network's targeted programming, the results can be staggering.

Viewers to a new destination seek reliable 'insider' information; editorial-styled programs attract and hold their attention. Although frequency is highly important for the fast-moving visitor audience, fresh content, variety and creative programming is also important to hold viewers. Up-to-the-minute news and special features are carefully folded into the mix, creating constantly fresh and interesting content.

Web Production
Founded in 1997, Tourist Network Interactive is the New Media Division of the Destination Network. Anchored by six Visitor Information Television Stations throughout the Southeast, TNI provides relevant, useful and entertaining travel information through our online presence, TripSmarter.Com.

TripSmarter.Com's travel information is presented in the form of live streaming television, on-demand videos, editorial articles, a frequently updated business directory, member reviews, and a comprehensive event calendar complete with articles, photos and videos.

TripSmarter.Com has also evolved into a thriving travel community, whose members are eager to answer questions in the forums, post vacation videos and photos... or offer reviews, tips and advice to other travelers who may be planning their trip.

This combination of award-winning multimedia, fresh and timely content, and a friendly online community has helped define TripSmarter.Com as the top online resource for visitors and locals in the Southeast.

TNI also provides New Media services for a host of clients throughout the Southeast, including restaurants, retail businesses, financial institutions, nightclubs, real estate companies and more.

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About Us
The Destination Network is a visitor information network serving resort and cultural markets throughout the southeast. Broadcasting award-winning editorial features, hourly good news updates, and 100% hyper-local content in High Definition across multiple platforms.
Production capabilities and a reputation for quality work are the reasons The Destination Network has been chosen to produce the advertisements for so many clients. When these extended length "Advertorials" air within our targeted programming, the results are staggering.
Destination Network takes traditional and new media and turn them on their heads with innovative campaigns including video, television, web, digital, HD, print and much more! The Destination Network is unique - no other television network reaches the audience we do as effectively as we do.