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Media Kit: Listing Rates

Business Listings in our City Directories

TripSmarter.Com provides City Directories for each market we serve. Any type of business existing in those markets can be listed for free.

There are several ways to enhance your Business Listing, including becoming a Smart Pick (featured) or by adding a video, map, link or "For Sale" button to your listing. All advertisers are given a login, if they choose, so they can monitor the results of their Listing and see how many people are clicking their link, video, map, etc. Standard listings do not appear in the 'featured area'. All listings include interactive reviews.

Click here to view example of Business Listings (opens external .pdf)

Add your business to the TripSmarter.Com Directory

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Smart Picks - Featured Listings

Smart Picks are featured listings that help visitors make smarter choices, and help our clients turn visitors into customers. This direct exposure to your product or service translates into increased revenues for our clients.

Smart Picks Include:

  • First five positions in Directory categories (Accommodations category allows ten)
  • Featured in sliding billboard on city homepages & overall homepage
  • Featured as text ads throughout city pages
  • Promoted in related content blocks throughout city pages
  • Link to your website added to your listing
  • Video of your choice added to your listing
  • Map to your location added to your listing
  • Logo/featured graphic added to your listing
  • Photo gallery added to your listing
  • Your menu or brochure added to your listing
  • Inclusion of your Facebook feed on your listing
  • Inclusion of your Twitter feed on your listing
  • Reservations link added to your listing
  • Coupons/deals added to your listing

The advantages to having your business listed as a Smart Pick rather than a standard listing is that you are in a "highlighted" section of the web page that demands immediate attention from the user. A Smart Pick is GUARANTEED TOP PLACEMENT in the appropriate category for your business. Additionally, all Smart Picks are rotated in a featured area on each market's homepage. Smart Picks allow your business to stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression before the visitor even leaves home.

Smart Pick Rates
Guaranteed top 5 placement in "Featured" Area.

  • $170 per month

Listing Enhancements

Include a link to your website to enhance your Business Listing in our Directory.

  • $12 per month

Video On-Demand
Add up to 10 video clips to enhance your Business Listing in our Directory. All videos are encoded in HD mobile-compatible format. In addition to being displayed from your Business Listing, your video(s) will be available in the TripSmarter.Com Video Vault. All videos in our Video Vault are now displayed with an embeddable link so you can also add your HD video to your website. A one-time $35 encoding fee applies.

  • $35 per month (up to 10 videos)

Add an area map featuring your location.

  • $6 per month

Logo or Featured Image
Add your company logo or featured image to your Business Listing in our directory.

  • $6 per month

Photo Gallery
Add photos for your business to your business listing.

  • $12 per month

Menu or Brochure
Add your restaurant's menu or your company's brochure of services to your business listing.

  • $12 per month

Integrate your company's Facebook page with your business listing.

  • $6 per month

Integrate your company's Twitter page with your business listing.

  • $6 per month

Reservations Button
Add a reservations button to your company's business listing.

  • $12 per month

Add coupons to your company's business listing.

  • $12 per month

About Us
The Destination Network is a visitor information network serving resort and cultural markets throughout the southeast. Broadcasting award-winning editorial features, hourly good news updates, and 100% hyper-local content in High Definition across multiple platforms.
Production capabilities and a reputation for quality work are the reasons The Destination Network has been chosen to produce the advertisements for so many clients. When these extended length "Advertorials" air within our targeted programming, the results are staggering.
Destination Network takes traditional and new media and turn them on their heads with innovative campaigns including video, television, web, digital, HD, print and much more! The Destination Network is unique - no other television network reaches the audience we do as effectively as we do.